Community Events


As a regional school, we benefit from a tight-knit community and celebrate the many opportunities that allow us to come together.  It takes a village to raise a child is a popular proverb with a clear message: the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of its young people. In addition to the vital role that parents and family members play in a child’s education, the broader community too has a responsibility to assure high-quality education for all students.

Australia Day

Held annually, Australia Day at the Meeniyan Town Hall is always a great way to kick off the new school year. It provides an opportunity for our new school captains to make a speech alongside the day’s prominent guest speaker and a morning tea is enjoyed by all. All families and community members are welcome.


Students and their families are invited to the Meeniyan ANZAC Day service where we march as a school community to honour those that served. Students often assist in the flag raising ceremony during the morning, our school leaders regularly present a speech highlighting the importance of the day and Meeniyan Primary School lays a wreath. The school values the importance of ANZAC Day and it is important that our students are aware of the value this date has on our school calendar.

Meeniyan Area Community Shop (MACS)

Parents, carers and friends of the school volunteer at MACS on a regular basis. The money raised on the day you are rostered is donated to the school. This is one of our most successful and long running fundraising activities. Our senior students are also given the opportunity to visit and help at MACS throughout the year.