Volunteers at Meeniyan don’t get paid because they are priceless! School volunteer programs can enable teachers to personalise instruction, free teachers and other school personnel to meet  students’ needs more effectively, broaden students’ experiences, strengthen school-community understanding and relations, enhance home involvement and enrich the lives of volunteers. In the classroom, volunteers can provide just the type of extra support needed to enable staff to conference and work with students who require special assistance.

When students see adult volunteers in their schools, they see firsthand how members of their community value education and support their local school. When a community is very involved in their school volunteering, more people have a better sense of the total education picture, and see how dedicated so many people are to educating the community’s young people. More involvement results in better understanding, more trust building and a commitment to even more support. School begins to feel like family!

Whether you can volunteer an hour a day, week or month we have a number of opportunities available. Please contact the school for more information.