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Our Procedures and Policies


Punctuality, Attendance & Absence



Please help your child to arrive at school on time.  Late arrivals disrupt the class as well as disadvantage the child concerned.

See Bell Times

Absence Notification

If your child is absent from school for any reason please use the COMPASS app first. (If not possible, notify the school by phone (5664 7382), on the day or provide a written note upon their return. If you know that your child will be absent for an extended period, eg. family holiday, please notify us in advance.

Late Arrivals & Early Departures

All late arrivals and early departures must be signed in/out of school by parents/guardians.  The late arrivals / early departures book can be accessed at the school office.


Medical Problems

If your child suffers from asthma or anaphylaxis you will need to have an Medical Plan completed by your child’s doctor,  and kept on file at the school.

If your child has a potentially serious medical condition or allergy, please contact the office to discuss a Student Medical Condition Management Plan so that we can provide the best possible care for your child.
All tablets/medicine and directions must be taken to the office and must be in its original packaging. If your child requires medicine to be administered at school please ensure the Medication Request form is completed and returned to the school.

Pain relief medicines such as Panadol and ibuprofen are only given as part of a Pain Management Plan completed by a doctor.

Download Medication Request Form here.

Ambulance Service - Your child's safety will always be put first

To fulfil our ‘duty of care’ a staff member may deem it necessary to call an ambulance in an emergency to ensure a student’s medical needs are met. The cost of this service is to be met by the parents.
It would therefore be in all parents’ interests to have ambulance subscription in order to be covered for such an occurrence, as the school does not cover ambulance costs.

Infectious Diseases

When a child is diagnosed as having an infectious disease they have to be excluded from school according to the guidelines set out in the Education Department Exclusions table.

Click here for the Exclusions table

Accidents or Illness

Where possible, parents will be contacted by phone if their child is seriously injured or becomes ill during the day.
In an emergency, children will be transported to the nearest medical centre or hospital by ambulance or in extreme cases where an ambulance is unavailable by private car

Money & Notices sent to School

All money and notices sent to school MUST be handed in via the classroom collection box at 9am. On occasions that money and notices are sent to school, eg. excursions, activities, etc. please put it in SEALED, LABELLED ENVELOPES.

Clearly indicate your child’s name, grade, excursion and amount on the front of the envelope. Multiple returns should be in separate envelopes

Safe Arrival and Departure of Students

Non-bus Travellers

Students walking or riding, leave the school grounds soon after the dismissal bell.
They are expected to use the school crossing, which is manned by a Shire Council employee.
Parents are asked to park in or near the Stadium car park and to use this as their regular pick up point.  We cannot have children waiting on the other corners / entrances as they are not visible to the teacher on duty.

The school provides yard supervision from 8;15 onwards when the first bus arrives. Students arriving by other means should arrive after 8:30am. Once entering the school grounds students are to remain on site until dismissal time.
The best entrance to the school is the McKitterick St entrance as there is a supervised school crossing and car parking available.
Students are dismissed at 3.20pm. Departure arrangements are as follows for non-bus travellers and bus travellers:  

heritage Building

Bus Travellers

Students are supervised until they board the buses using the main entry gate in McKitterick Street.